Using Homeopathy to Treat Hay Fever

Hay fever is an allergic response to air-borne pollens. In general, homeopathy has a good track record in dealing with the discomforts of hay fever. There is a variety of ways in which homeopathy can assist:

a. A standard hay fever kit which lasts for the season and costs £35 plus postage (please contact me for carriage costs) This is effective for many people, especially those with a known grass allergy. No consultation is required and the kit can be sent to you through the post.

b. It is usual that hay fever sufferers will be sensitive to substances other than grasses and pollens:- for example, foods and chemicals. For this reason, I would advise people to have a full allergy test, either by applied kinesiology or EAV machine (see below). Other sensitivities may be contributing to the hay fever symptoms and unless these are death with, resolution of the hay fever problems will be less satisfactory.

c. A homeopathic consultation and/or EAV testing, to ascertain if hay fever or allergies and sensitivities are actually the problem or whether the problem can be dealt with more effectively by other means.

Computerised testing with EAV
As the human body is biochemical and physical in nature, it has an electrical component as well as an energetic aspect. Testing this bio-electrical system can be done using a computerized EAV machine. This does not directly measure the energetic system of the body. The energy that flows throughout the body, forms a network of lines or meridians each one being associated with a particular organ. This is very familiar in the East, more commonly known as the acupuncture system.

The electrical flow running through the acupuncture points of the body can give us an idea of the energetic health status of the meridian and by association, the correlating organs. An EAV reading can give an indication of this. A reading of over 60 can indicate inflammation, whereas a reading of below 30 can indicate a low energy state with the associated organ.

It is recognised by many alternative practitioners from Kirlian photography that the energetic body shows disturbances before the physical body, so and energetic based assessment is a valid indicator of the bodies health. The EAV machine is a valid screening modality because the readings are reproducible from the same patient, even with different practitioners.